Our Park Cricket team was created in the 07-08 cricket season by a group of fathers who had their children playing within our Junior Cricket club. The team plays social, yet competitive cricket in the Inner West Harbour Cricket Association (IWHCA) competition. It has grown from a single team to one of the biggest clubs in the IWHCA with 3-4 teams spread through all grades.


The games are played on Saturday afternoons starting at 1pm and concluding by 5.30pm. The majority of games are played in the Ryde, Hunters Hill & Canada Bay Districts. Each team has approximately 20 players per side and are a mix of part timers and some diehard full timers. Not everyone can play each week and teams of this size ensure we can play as a full side each week.

Each grade up is slightly more competitive, so we try to get the right balance of batters and bowlers in most teams at the appropriate grade for their abilities.

EG: A Grade is the most competitive so will have the stronger players with fairly set batting orders and bowling orders, B Grade will be a good balance between being competitive and social with players moving up and down the batting order to give everyone a fair go over time and C Grade while still playing to win, will share batting and bowling around as much as possible. A request for player’s availability will go out via email on the Monday night and playing is on a first in first served basis unless by prior arrangement.


There are options for full time registration fees (unlimited games) and part time registration (up to 4 games and then a fee per game after that) This may vary from season to season.


All games are 1 day games with 35 overs per side and a definite result at the end. Games are played on synthetic wickets, so no spikes please. Each team does their own scoring & umpiring so it’s important to be at game day 20 min before play commences. Games are not played over long weekends and there is a break during Christmas.


Teams do not train due to work and family commitments. At best, there might be a few nets at the start of the season. Anyone keen to practice is welcome to train with the more serious Briars teams who play in the Shires competition on turf wickets.

Kit and Clothing

There is a cricket kit and a helmet available but we suggest you have your own protector and any other personal equipment required. A club shirt, cap and shorts are supplied as part of your registration. Long white trousers must be worn as part of the uniform.

Wet Weather

All correspondence is via email and in the case of wet weather assume it is on unless you hear otherwise. Generally synthetic wickets are still playable soon after any rain clears up. If in doubt ring the Captain’s mobile or keep an eye on the Briars website, the IWHCA website and Facebook pages.


Follow the link to register  Click here 2020 – 2021 Season Registration

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