The Briars Club

The Briars Sporting Club….Est 1918 Greg McPhee
Briars Culture…..What is it? Collated G McPhee
Edward (Ted) Stockdale  Craig Hickey
Robert Bruce (Bob) Clark Edited G McPhee
Lest We Forget | Anzac video Collated Greg McPhee
Athletics Carnivals Greg McPhee
Golf Tournaments Bill Hooker
The Briars Ski Lodge Andy Clifford
The Briars Foundation Limited Paul Price
The Walker Family Chris Walker
Briars a Family Club Greg McPhee
Mal & Ian Blair
Club Trophies & Awards
Briars Annual Dinners
Women’s Sport at Briars Greg McPhee
History of Briars Baked Dinners
Briars Rapid Ten Canoe Club Ian Richard, Greg McPhee & Bruce Ferguson
Celebrating a century of Briars By Peter Fitzsimons – 22nd June 2018
Spencer Hipwell
Hammy Lennartz By Ian Blair
Stan McGregor Compiled by Ian McGregor
Bruce Trevenar Greg McPhee – June 2018
Mal Weber Greg McPhee – February 2019

Briars Netball

Briars Squash

Greenlees Park Bowls