The Briars Sporting Club

THE BRIARS SPORTING CLUB, being a remarkable Club, had a remarkable birth. Fourteen boys, aged from 9 to 13 years, met on the disused fowl-yard at Bob Clark’s place on the 7th August 1918. They were there to inaugurate the Club, which had been the idea of Jack Stone. The first major decision of this distinguished gathering was to name the Club. After much debate, someone suggested the name of Jack’s place. Jack being the President, thus a person of dignity, the suggestion had to be considered seriously. The name of the house was “The Briars”. Thus the brand new Club was named “The Briars Sporting Club”.

From these humble beginnings at the end of World War I, Briars has grown into the great club it is today. The Briars Sporting Club commenced in 1918. We have a strong sporting influence in the inner west, with a sporting program including rugby, cricket, hockey, squash, netball and lawn bowls and touch football.

The club continues to grow and to champion the ideals of amateur sport by giving young sports men and women the chance to be the best they can be.