2016 – Renovations to the Bar

Week 6

The fit out of the bar has commenced with the stainless steel being installed. The finish to the floor is complete and has been covered for protection. We are now waiting for the “BIG REVEAL”, which is scheduled for next weekend.

Week 5

This week it was mostly the floor in the new bar area getting all the attention, we can also see the finishes to the bar coming together. Not much longer to go until the bar is completed.

Week 4

The glass wash area has been tiled and most of the internal walls have been finished off with black paint.

Week 3

The floor boards went in and some of the plaster boards went up. As you can see the new bar is starting to take shape.

Week 2

At the start of week two, extra storage was added to the temporary bar.

Behind the hording, builders ripped up the old floor and started concentrating on the plumbing and electrical work for the new bar.

Week 1

The hording went up in stages while there was a seamless transition, as equipment was moved from the existing bar into the temporary bar.

The temporary bar will be in operation for approximately the next 6 weeks, while work commences on the new bar behind the hording.

2014 – Renovations to the Club

Renovation Update – 30/05/14

The new Sports lounge looks great. We are still waiting for the stools to arrive and are temporarily using outdoor stools which have been purchased for the new decks.

The builders have also removed the temporary hording from the bar windows, so now we have natural light streeming through the internal spaces from all directions making the Club look bright and spacious.

New carpets in the Bar

The Newly furnished Sports Lounge

Getting ready for State of Origin

Renovation Update – 15/05/14

The interior of Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club is looking amazing. The new carpets have been laid and the temporary wall has been removed, revealing a stunning sports bar and a beautiful view over the new deck onto Greenlees Park. The new furniture for the Sports Bar has been delivered, but unfortunately there has been a delay in delivering the stools and the coaches. While we wait for the delivery of the stools and couches, we will be making use of the outdoor stools that have been purchased for the deck.
The official opening of the ‘Ted Stockdale Sports Lounge’ will take place in August 2014.

New carpets in the Bistro

Looking towards the new sports bar

The sports bar is revealed

Looking towards the lounge from the sports bar

From the lounge towards the sports bar

Looking out over the deck onto Greenlees Park

Renovation Update – 09/05/14

Our renovations have come a long way.
The bathrooms have been completed and look absolutely fantastic.
The Board of Directors decided to complete this stage of the renovation as per our Development Application, by completing the Sports Bar Deck and the Acoustic Glass Fence, as it was more cost effective to get the deck & the acoustic glass installed with the builders on site.
Next week the Club will be getting new Carpets laid, which will make a huge diffirence to the interior.
We would like to thank Bodens, who are doing a wonderful job in keeping to the construction schedule.

Construction of the Sports Bar Deck.

The completed SPORTS BAR DECK!!,
constructed in just one Day.

A View from the deck out to Greenlees Park.

Installing the TV screens in the Sports Bar.

Renovation Update – 17/04/14

The renovations to the kitchen have now been completed, with the final finishing touches taking place today. The new cafe will be opening on the 25th April, with the bistro opening on the 27th April.
We now have 5 star bathrooms. All the tiling has been completed and the fittings have been installed. We are still waiting on the plumbing and the installation of the vanities.

The Kitchen service area

The Cafes service area

Inside the Kitchen

Ladies Bathroom

Mens Bathroom

Renovation Update – 11/04/14

The Sports Bar is starting to take shape. The glass windows and doors have been installed. It is going to be a great space to sit and enjoy a drink with friends. The view over Greenlees Park is amazing, giving the Sports Bar a light a spacious feel.

The bathrooms are also progressing well, with the tiling completed and internal fittings being installed.

Renovation Update – 04/04/14

All our members will be pleased to know that the Club has appointed new caterers. We would like to welcome Tiffiny & Adam to Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club.
The Kitchen is progressing fast, with the tiling complete and the cooking appliances being installed this week. Once our caterer’s have settled in, we will have a fully functioning Cafe and Bistro. Get ready for fabulous Cappuccinosand home made pastries from our in-house pastry chef.

Following are some photos:

The Sports Bar

Our new Sports Bar

A view from Greenlees Park

Installation of kitchen equipment

Food service area

Food service area

Bowling locker rooms

Bowling locker rooms

Renovation Update – 28/03/14
We had over 50 responses from the advertisement we placed for a caterer for Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club. Thank you to Vivian Buck from Vivian Buck Consulting who helped us narrow down the candidates to the final three. All the tenders we received were of a high quality, so it was a difficult job to get to this stage of the process. We will be finalising our decision within the next week.

The kitchen is progressing well with all the walls tiled and the electrical wiring in place. The Kitchen is scheduled to be completed around mid-April which is not to far away.

Renovation Update – 21/03/14
The new furniture for the Sports Bar has been ordered. Below are some sketches and photos of the furniture, lighting and samples of the finishes which will be used in the Sports Bar. 

Renovation Update – 13/03/14
The new kitchen is taking shape. Internal walls for the kitchen have been erected and a service opening has been created towards the deck.
The external walls for the bowlers locker rooms have been completed.

Renovation Update – 07/03/14
The builders have started erecting a steelwork structure, which will support the new roof over the sports bar and kitchen. The bowlers locker rooms are also progressing well.

Renovation Update – 28/02/14
This week the concrete slab was poured for the new sports bar, bathrooms and kitchen areas. Structural Steel beams are being delivered in the next week so that roof construction can begin. Building works have also started on the bowlers locker rooms.

Renovation Update – 13/02/14
Now that the renovations are underway, we would like you to look back and see how Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club has progressed over the last few years.
looking at the following video clip Read more »

Renovation Update – 07/02/14
Renovations are well underway at Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club. We Have had reports from members mentioning that the demountable toilets are far better than the existing bathrooms the Club had. Good news!!, the existing bathrooms and kitchen are now a past memory.

Renovation Update – 25/10/13
We would like to inform all our members that the loan for Stage 3 renovations to Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club was approved by members on Tuesday, 22nd October. The renovations are planned to start mid January.

Renovation Update – 27/9/13

Dear Members
Please view the updated plans below, of the bowling locker rooms which have been designed in consultation with members of Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club. To download and print the updated plan click on the following file Floor Plans Floor Plan.pdf

Renovation Update – 06/9/13

Dear Members
Please see below the updated plans showing the inclusion of a new locker area and also a letter to our bowling members fom current Director and former Bowls President Brian Huttly.

If you have any queries or  wish to provide feedback  please do so either in writing and mailed to Briars at Greenlees , PO Box 137 , Concord 2137 or email feedback@briarsatgreenlees.com.au

Floor Plan.pdf Floor Plan.pdf (636.55 KB)
East elevation East elevation (2.28 MB)
Stamped Plans Stamped Plans (1.32 MB)

Renovation Update – 30/8/13
We thank members for their patience on the proposed renovations to Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club. We are currently in discussion with the builder and hope to advise members of the outcome and provide more information next week.

Renovation Update – 23/8/13
We thank those members who have put forward their ideas and plans in regard to the proposed renovation. We are currently in discussions with the City of Canada Bay Council and our builder to ascertain the feasibility of each option, and which plan will provide the best outcome for the Members of Briars at Greenlees. Once an outcome to these discussions has been formalised, Members will be advised and the plan will be advertised and distributed to Members for consideration.

Renovation Update – 2/8/13
The renovations to Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club have been delayed due to design changes to the floor plan, which came about following the meeting on Sunday, 28th July. Members will be informed in due course on matters regarding Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club renovations.