COVID-19 Safety Regulations

  1. Every person entering the Cintra Hockey Complex MUST complete the digital
    attendance register on arrival and departure or have someone complete it for them.
  2. There can be a maximum of 500 people within the Cintra Hockey Complex at any time.
    There is no cap on the number of supporters that each player can bring with them,
    however we ask you to keep the number of attendees to a minimum.
  3. Maintaining 1.5m social distance is required in all areas of Cintra excluding the field. To
    help with this you will find guide markers (crosses or stickers) on the
  4. Players/coaches/managers/umpires are NOT to hug, high five, shake hands or have
    team huddles. We ask spectators to also be conscious of maintaining social distance in
    this way.
  5. The 4 x bubblers/taps are taped off and CAN NOT be used. Please ensure you bring
    sufficient water with you to the ground or purchase from the canteen as you will not be
    able to refill your own bottles.
  6. A separate entrance and exit to the canteen have been created, please follow signage on
    arrival to the clubhouse.
  7. First Aid – the control room (last door of the clubhouse) has first aid and personal
    protective equipment including the ice machine, pre-prepared bags of ice, first aid kits,
    face masks, and plastic gloves. Anyone needing to provide first aid is able to access this
  8. Hygiene – Everyone is encouraged to sanitise/wash their hands when they arrive at
    Cintra and frequently while onsite.
  9. Cleaning – High touch surfaces in the clubhouse and field surrounds will be disinfected
    regularly by Briars volunteers. Cleaning of other areas will be completed by team
  10. Dugouts & Change-rooms – In each change room and dugout there will be a box
    of supplies including disinfectant spray and wipes, gloves, hand sanitiser and
    paper towels. Team managers are encouraged to use these supplies to clean
    down the benches prior to their team entering.

Attendance Register.

It is ESSENTIAL that EVERY player, coach, supporter, parent, and/or volunteer completes the
Cintra Digital Attendance Register on arrival and departure.

What to bring with you?

  • Bring your own device (phone, iPad) to be able to complete the digital attendance register on arrival and departure from the field.
  • Sufficient water – there will be no way to re-fill your water bottles so please bring several of your own labelled bottles.

General Safety Regulations:

  • If you are unwell, or are caring for a sick family member, you must stay at home.
  • Please wash and sanitise your hands before and after training.
  • Please follow the Hockey NSW guidelines of “Get in, Train, Get Out”.
  • If you have travelled internationally in the previous 14 days you must not attend training or competition.
  • If you have COVID-19 or have been in contact with a known case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, you must not attend training or competition.