Vale – Warren Bryan

Warren Bryan passed away at John Flynn Hospital on Wednesday. Over the last few years Warren had fought a number of debilitating health issues culminating with a cancer diagnosis.

He is survived by Auriol and sons Clayton, Mitchell and their families. To them we pass on our heartfelt condolences.

Warren joined The Briars Sporting Club in 1975. He was another recruit, like John Kemp, Mike Sterry, David Guille John Threlfo and the late Rod Smith, to come from Canterbury Boys High School. All of these men made sizeable contributions to the club both on and off the field and Warren was no exception.

It was reported that Warren came from Rugby League as a Prop. He quickly became immersed in all aspects of the club. Warren was Social Chairman for 3 years from 1978 to 1980. During these years Warren create the “Briar’s Punch”, making the Christmas Cocktail parties memorable to this day. His recipe to this day is still a closely guarded secret!!! He also toured with the 1975 side to New Zealand and again in 1978 to the USA.

In 1978 Coach Bill Leckie noted that Warren was a keen trainer and had captained the Judd side capably until handing it over to a younger player. He also noted that ‘Warren’s speed in the open was only matched by his ability as a goal kicker.” Anyone who knew Warren, knows that he wasn’t quick…. so did he miss the goal opportunity he gave himself …we will never know!

Work moved Warren and his family away from Sydney, however he always kept in contact with the club.

Warren always had a joke and told them extremely well. He contributed to the club’s Focus newsletter for many years. When living in Mollymook as ‘The Mouth from the South’ and when he moved to Queensland ‘The Noise from the North’.

Warren was a Rugby League Referee, in New Guinea, NSW and Qld. He was a passionate Western Suburbs Magpies supporter and later a Wests Tigers fan. Winning the 2005 Premiership was definitely a highlight for Warren. The writer was privileged to go to that grand final with him and the experience will never be forgotten.

Warren is now at the Briars Bar, 30A George St, Rugby Heaven. He is probably retelling some of his better jokes to the likes of Smithy and Steelie and other Briars who have recently passed on.

Greg McPhee.