Briars Men’s Bowls
February 2023 – Quarterly Report

Greenlees Park Men’s Bowls

February 2023 Sport Report

The beginning of the year is always a relatively quiet time for Men’s Bowls with Pennants Competitions and Club Championships not having begun. That said it is also a wonderful time to celebrate a number of events which are anticipated annually and are excellent fun and social events.

Black Friday 13th competition was played in January this year and irrespective of the winners and those that did not a great day was had by all. Black attire was the color of choice and while not particularly environmentally aware given the temperature that time, made for a memorable event. Food and drinks were exceptional.

Australia Day Tournament as always was played on January 26th and another exceptional fun outing it was. Costumes ranged from the ridiculous to the more ridiculous but given the color and atmosphere it was a terrific day. Our congratulations to the eventual winners of the tournament Marc Devillicourt, Mark Golicki, Dave Puckeridge and Paul Koziollek. Again, food and drink flowed freely and my thanks to the bar staff, cooks and Wayne Comber and Ronnie James for helping make it happen.

To finish up and on a very positive note, one of our bowlers has been selected to play in the regional Rookie playoffs this month. Our congratulations to Marc Devillecourt and best wishes for the coming tournament on February 4th and 5th.

Ric Cilona

January 2023