Ladies Bowls News – 2023

07/07/23 – Macquary District Open Results

Congratulations to Marlene Dunn, Val Day, Margaret Truesdale and Gladys Barnes, who won the Macquarie District Open Fours on Wednesday, 6th July at North Epping. This was a tight game against the North Ryde RSL Team.

2 Weeks ago this same team won the Club Fours.

22/06/23 – Club Fours Final played

Congratulations to the winners of the Club Fours Final, Marlene Dunn, Val Day, Margaret Truesdale & Gladys Barnes which was a tight game. Runners up were Jay Stevenson, Pam McDermott, Teri Cutrupi & Gina Caccaviello.

20/04/2023 – Women’s Major Singles

Rosalind Lightfoot, who was the winner of Greenlees Park Women’s Major Singles, was also the winner of Maquarie District Senior Singles.

Rosalind will play-off in Region 16 Senior Singles at Northmead on Sunday 23rd April, at 10.00am, and all members wish her good bowling ans success.


New member Faye Stevenson was welcomed to her first days play after recovering from a fractured wrist.

Easter Singles Consistency was played followed by a delightful lunch of fish & chips with salad, with also a small, sweet apple crumble – provided by our new caterer, Richard.


Tuesday 7th March was an exciting day for the Greenlees Lady Bowlers. At 9.30am, District President, Jenny Roddy attended for the unfurling of two Pennant flags – Grade 2 and Grade 4 were won by Greenlees who then played off in state finals. Pennant badges had been presented to all players.

A short game of bowls was then played followed by a late morning tea of cakes and biscuits which were enjoyed by all.


The final of the Minor Singles Ladies Bowls played on the 16/02/23. The winner of this final was Imma Fonti with the runner up being Carole Pomroy. Congratulations to both players on a very good game.