Gladys Barnes – 90 Years Young

When one is asked to write a piece about a person who has reached the iconic status of Gladys Barnes in the ladies’ bowls community, one could be forgiven for feeling a little overawed at the prospect of doing justice to this fine Lady of Women’s Bowls. Recently Gladys has celebrated her 90th birthday with friends and fellow bowlers who were privileged to enjoy some reminiscences of Gladys.

Gladys was born on 20th August 1928 a time of great economic hardship worldwide.  She was just eleven years old at the outbreak of WW11.  Gladys’ Dad fought in both world wars, he was captured and perished in the Sandakan POW camp towards the end of the second world war.  Gladys has a great dedication to her father’s war memory and commemorates his life and those who served with him each year at a special ceremony at Burwood Park.

Gladys was married to Col who passed away in 2007, she often relates happy stories of her marriage to Col, many of her times with him at bowls, anyone who knows Gladys will also be aware of her big heavy brown (and lethal) bowls.

Another of her achievements outside of the bowling world is her 51-year membership with North Ryde Golf Club where she was once touted with having made a “hole in one”.

Gladys joined Greenlees Park Women’s Bowling Club in September 1991 and in these few twenty-seven years she played and won numerous Pennant and Club Championships.

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