Thornleigh Briars Squash Open

We had 10 senior divisions and 4 junior divisions with a total of 102 participants taking part in the Thornleigh Briars Open Squash Tournament held in February. Thanks to Briars Sports for their continued support.

Following are the Results:

Open Division

1st Jacob Robinson | 2nd Bradley Fullick  | 3/4 Rohan Toole & George Thomas

Division 1
1st Dan Godwin | 2nd Dom Ratcliffe | 3rd Stanley Mok

Division 2
1st Haani Qureshi  | 2nd Ben Miller | 3rd Emmy Lamb

Division 3
1st Thomas Wang | 2nd Michael Sanghera | 3rd James Herbert

Division 4
1st Brendan Creek | 2nd Jameel Khan | 3rd Garry Irwin

Division 5
1st Darvan Thavendran | 2nd Omar Kharrl | 3rd Anand Vishwanath

Division 6
1st Guy Pascal | 2nd Shalindra Selvadurai | 3rd Lorne Gurney

Division 7
1st Ryan Hay | 2nd Tomer Itah | 3rd Darvin Thavendran

Division 8
1st Moses Lim | 2nd Elizabeth Wang | 3rd Hugo Woon

Division 9
1st Ryan Chen | 2nd Jennifer Best | 3rd Pirthika Thavendran

Junior Bronze

Division 1
1st Darvan Thavendran | 2nd Ayan Zeeshan | 3rd Logan Effendi

Division 2
1st Fatimah Khan | 2nd Ayrron Anthony | 3rd Nathan Lin

Division 3
1st Pirthika Thavendran | 2nd Karissa Cheung | 3rd Ruisha Chu

Division 4
1st Rohan Zeeshan 2nd Joshua Marshall 3rd Kaira Malhotra