Left to Right: Alister Henskens SC, MP, Annie Hygert, Collen Waterson,
Annie Orenshaw, Jennifer Anderson & Mick Jaroszewicz

Avondale Golf & Dinner Fundraiser

Flood Disaster Relief for CWA Kempsey

The recent floods have affected much of the eastern coastline, with many of the towns surrounding the Macleay River becoming inundated with flood waters, as it burst its banks earlier this month – with Kempsey being the hardest hit.

With this being the fourth natural disaster at Kempsey in a little over 12 months, state emergency, rescue services, local government, and community support services went into overdrive as did the wonderful ladies at Kempsey CWA providing produce, shelter and mental health support to many families and community members.

The amount raised to date is  $18,556 …with donations still open we are aiming  to get to $20k with thanks to Briars Sports for their generous donation of $1,000.

05/03/21 – Briars Squash Report

  • Division 1: Briars 1 won 27-1 to Willoughby 2
  • Division 4: Briars 6 lost 5-23 to Willoughby 4
  • Division 6: Briars 7 lost 11-17 to Elanora 5
  • Division 7: Briars 8 lost 6-22 to North Manly 3
  • Division 8: Briars 10 lost 7-21 to Next Gen 5

Briars Open Squash Championship

Briars Squash held their Open Squash Championship on the 29th – 30th January. 74 Entries were received, there were 7 Mixed adult/junior divisions and 3 junior divisions.

Results were as follows


  1. Rohan Toole
  2. Bradley Fullick
  3. Mick Fullick

Division 1:

  1. Mark Wilding
  2. Manul Kandara
  3. Garth Dannevig

Division 2:

  1. Hannelize Human
  2. Anthony Gold
  3. Kaz Fuse

Division 3:

  1. James Slade
  2. Leilani Rorani
  3. Will Slade

Division 4:

  1. Adam Soonius
  2. Kasper Cheung
  3. Marcus Wang

Division 5:

  1. Stephen Graham
  2. Tom Sinodinos
  3. Kieran Willathganuwa

Division 6:

  1. Michael McCauley
  2. Ignatius Willathganuwa
  3. Luay Al-Loos

Division 7:

  1. Nilesh Rodrigues
  2. Robin Wahan
  3. Bob Slonim

Junior A:

  1. Colum Ryan
  2. Mattia Candotti
  3. Jingni Liao

Junior B:

  1. Darvan Thavendran
  2. Andy Wong

Junior C:

  1. Elizabeth Wang
  2. Karissa Cheung
  3. Khadijah Khan

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Summer Junior Competition

Summer junior 3-week swiss draw is a competition that replaced normal pennant due to Covid restrictions. We have 100 individual entries of which 16 are Briars in the competition, all played at Briars @ Thornleigh Squash.

1st week results were:

Division 1

  • Nick Sinodinos (Briar) Def Vishva Senewivathne (Briar)
  • Marcus Wang (Briar) Def Sebastian McKean (Knox Grammar)
  • Zac Giuffre (Briar) def Hunter Helen-Ford (Knox Grammar)
  • Tom SInodinos (Briar) Def Yasiru Jayasekera (Barker College)
  • Kasper Cheung (Briar) Def Will Fisher (Knox Grammar)
  • Jackson Wylie (Briar) Def Shiv Tavoor (Knox Grammar)

Division 2

  • Jingni Liao (Briar) def Lincoln Lin (Knox Grammar)
  • Mattia Candotti (Briar) Def Caleb Chen (Knox Grammar)
  • Colum Ryan (Briar) Def Thomas Wilkins (Barker College)

Division 3

  • Maeghan Wang (Briar) Def Jayden huang (Knox Grammar)
  • Jack Ryan (Briar) Def Ben Tippet (Knox Grammar)

Division 4

  • Darvan Thavendran (Briar) Def Ben Christensen (St Pius)
  • Darvin Thavendran (Briar) Def Freddie Fullerton (St Andrews)

Division 6

  • Vivaan Mudalir (Briar) Lost to James Brandon (St Pius)