2022 Briars Sports Award Winners

Congratulations to all our volunteers and sports achievers who were presented with awards at the AGM which was held on Sunday, 27th February 2023.

  • Cindy Goodridge winner of The Ted Stockdale Trophy
  • Graeme Durrant winner of The Cricket Memorial Trophy
  • Alexander Au-Yeung & Allegra Park winner of The Gerard Price Junior Cricket Trophy
  • Cindy Goodridge winner of The A J Robinson Shield
  • Dakota Thuell winner of The R D Vanderfield Trophy
  • Kasper Cheung winner of the Anne Gleason Junior Trophy
  • Ridley De Lange winner of the Geoff Archibald Trophy
  • Barnzy Walkemeyer winner of the Gordon Bevan Shield
  • Taymarra Hayward winner of the Briars Women’s Rugby Trophy
  • Brooke Pryor winner of The Doug Vanderfield Trophy
  • Nicole Smith winner of the Anne Burt Trophy
  • Carole Pomroy winner of The Brian Huttly Trophy
  • Bryan Coulthart winner of the Phil McAulay Trophy
  • William Boyter winner of the The Mal Blair & Bill McLaughlin Junior Rugby Trophy
  • Aiden Gardner, Rowen Coombes & Monique McGlynn  winners of the R B Clark Scholarship
  • Daniel Shalala winner of the J H Stone Trophy

To see all the photos taken at the awards presentation;