Briars Rugby Semi Finals VS.  Old Ignatians and Newport

2nd Grade VS Old Ignatians:

The Briars second grade went up against a young and fit Iggies team who had an unbeaten season so far.

Briars had a full reshuffle in the back line due to player availability, letting our depth be tested.  Deciding to match fire with fire a young back line was selected with a monster pack as the boys ran onto the field.

The first 50min was some of the best rugby displayed by the Briars twos. A forward’s masterclass that would even have impressed the Briars invincible. Each team trading blow for blow Iggie’s held tight with the score at 22-18 into the second half and Iggies turning any mistake into points made it a tight affair.

Realising they could not get over, under or through the middle, they went around the sides and back to the roots of how the usually play. Putting on some great running ruby to close the gallant Briars team out.

Its not often the losing team would walk off after the final whistle with a smile, this is because we know something special is brewing inside us and inside this club as higher honours are not far off.

Score 51-18 to Iggies

1st  Grade VS Newport:

The day ended off with all eyes on Newport Vs. the mighty Briars. Social media was rampant with how good Newport are, how they are going to dominate and how 2020 is the year of the breakers. We put that arrogance to the test last Saturday!

It was a physical first half with both teams looking like they were both chasing a 4 try bonus point. A horrific lift and drop tackle on the Briars captain had the boys fired up and turning the 14 man Newport team around for some points.

It was Newport, back to 15 men in the second half who capitalised on the hungry Briars attack to pull ahead towards the middle of the second half.

In typical fashion, Briars did not roll over forcing Newport to go into hiding and slow the game down as we threw everything, we had at them.

For a team who was so confident going into this game, they were left shaken at the final whistle and perhaps relieved that they did not have to face these hungry Briars team for another minute.

The score board will show a Newport victory, the respect, crowed and fans will show that Briars are the winners.

Score 24-16 to Newport.

The Briars playing group ended the season on a high. Never in the history of our club have we gone up a division and in the same year finished top 4 while making 2 semi-finals.

Subbies rugby we are here, we are ready, lets bring on 2021 as we go back to our hallowed Rothwell ground.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 5th September 2020

Briars Rugby VS. Sydney Harlequins & Easts Colts

The conclusion of the regular season had the Briars up against old rivals Sydney Harlequins. In a weekend dubbed “the clash of subbies” and “the battle of Waterloo. It was also a repeat of last years grand final so the stakes across the clubs where higher than a colt at preseason.

Colts: VS. Easts

In a final hit out for our young colts’ team.  It was a matter of salvaging pride and building a platform for the next season.

Starting the game at a rapid pace it was the Briars who opened the scoring through some great runs with the outside backs, this of course being made possible by clean ball upfront with the forwards.

Perhaps some complacency set in going into the second half as Easts started to fire on all cylinders, taking opportunity of a side that was still in the half time huddle and running in early points.

Easts now in the lead meant Briars had to fight back in the last 10min. Bouncing back with 2 more tries, the Briars came close to winning this one, but it was not meant to be.

A young team that will only grow and develop into a power house within the next couple of seasons, this is a space to watch.

24-22 to Easts


  1. Neilish Fernandes
  2. Lachlan Koziollek
  3. Ned Churchyard

3rd Grade:

The Briars 3’s started exactly where they left off last weekend. Attacking from the get-go with slick hands and potent runs from the forwards.

Briars did not give quins a sniff at any stage while delivering a rugby masterpiece, worthy of higher honours.

The new players got to run off some of the well know names of Briars rugby, showing a sign of depth and class not seen since the 60’s.

Unfortunately the plague of clubs playing “better teams” in lower grades continue as our third grade team and arguably the most inform team at the moment out of the 3rd grade competition misses out to the usual scenario of a club throwing star players into the bottom teams just to make a final.

A great way to finish off the season , keeping the Quins to doughnuts and celebrating well into the evening.

33-0 to Briars

  1. Brad Doust
  2. Jack Thomas
  3. Andy Gardiner

2nd Grade:

For the second weekend in a row, Briars 2nd grade, had it all on the line, winner going to semi-finals, losing going to silly Sunday.

A traditionally happy hunting ground for the 2s, both teams had it all on the line as hundreds tuned in via clutch TV.

Running in some great early tries, gave early breathing space in the 1st halve. Quins then camped within our 22 for the remainder of the half was blown back at every attacking phase as the Briars 2s put on another defensive masterclass keeping them scoreless in the first half.

Perhaps drinking the same water as the colts at half time, it was the Quins who seemed to be the only team on the park for the first 15min of the second half, storming into a lead with 3 quick tries.

A realisation and a quick sideline chat from the coached lifted spirits. This time, this time was Briars rugby time and instead of rolling over we stood up fighting hammer and tooth for that win, clinching it with 2min left.

A memorable win.

Some would say that we have now done enough and the semi-final is just a formality for Old Ignatians, but ask a player and you will get a very different response.

22-17 to Briars

  1. Mike Ly
  2. Joe Elias
  3. Jimmy Luu

1st Grade:

It was a replay of last year’s grand finale. Both teams playing for not only bragging rights but playing for a spot in the final for and semi-finals this weekend.

Briars got off to a helter skelter start, but it worked! Early points had them playing all the rugby as Quins started to wake up and realise it was a Saturday.

And wake up they did in a tiktok (not like the app) battle it was all on the line going into the final 15min. Briars, perhaps slightly frazzled from the delayed response from Quins, regrouped and unleashed another level not seen in subbies rugby.

Making the scorers worked hard they ended up with a convincing win over old foes Harlequins and a deserved spot in this years first grade semi-finals.

Bring on Newport!

41-19 to Briars

  1. Alex McCrystal
  2. Harry Lee
  3. Anthony Raheb

It was Briars weekend, with a clean sweep of 3x grand final winners last year.

Put away your jigsaw puzzles, turn off the NRL and dust off the old supporter’s kit, Briars rugby is going to playoffs for the second year running but in a higher division.

All games will be broadcasted at the sports club or on ClutchTV from 1:30PM:

  • 2nd Grade 1:45PM Kickoff Vs. Old Ignatians
  • 1st Grade 3:15PM Kickoff Vs Newport Breakers

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 29th August 2020

Briars Rugby VS. Hawkesbury Valley


A do or die game had the winner locking in 4th spot at the end if this game.

It was a slow start by both teams as they tested each other blow by blow in an uneventful first stanza.  Some attacking options started to open for both teams but lack off offload opportunities made it hard for either team to cross the whitewash.

It was Valley who settled the nerves to run in 2 tries putting this young Briars team on the backfoot and fighting to stay alive in this comp.

Stepping up a gear and running hard the Briars boys cane up just short on several occasions and could just not form enough plays to put a win together.

While they have 1 game remaining for this season they can be proud of an unbelievable yet odd season, a team to watch and a team that will only get better.

14-0 to Valley


  1. Alex Shalala
  2. Dan Terry
  3.  Neilish Fernandes

3rd Grade:

The Briars 3’s kicked the day off bosting a strong line up lead by Briars stalwart Mat Carew.

It was the day that our 3s turned up to play and play they did. Showing skill, flare and desire to win with an entertaining brand that Campo would have even been proud off.

Tries scored throughout the positions as this dynamic team of youth and experience started to gel.

Valley was valiant in coming back into the game for the briefest of moment the Briars 3s locked in a 5 log point win giving them a sniff at finals rugby.

36-14 to Briars

  1. Andy Gardiner
  2. Daniel Simpson
  3. Leslie Lee

2nd Grade:

The Briars 2nd grade, had it all on the line, any loss in the next two rounds and they would be sent packing.

It was a low intensity for the first 30min from the Briars as the threw away a couple of key attacking opportunities with the lead changing 3 times before the half.

An honest chat at half time and the realisation that our season is on the line was enough to ignite that fire as they came out playing some hard-hitting rugby with moments of brilliance from the fresh reserves.

A much-improved performance sees this team fighting it out this weekend for that all important 4th spot against a powerful Harlequins side.

36-14 to Briars

  1. Apenisa Matairavula
  2. Jordan Woodward
  3. Timmy Gorman

1st Grade:

The final game of the day had the Briars tacking on a never say die Valley team.

A quick start for the Briars looked like it would be a long day in the office for Valley, but they had other ideas as the lead changed hands on several occasions with the Briars playing well in sections and then switching off for others allowing them back in.

In a high scoring and entertaining game of rugby it was the Briars who would step it up in the final ten and run a muck with some great hand and interplay with backs and forwards.

Briars 1ns are now in a great spot to finish top 4 but will have to overcome the Quins in a grand final replay from last year.

43-32 to Briars

  1. Alex McCrystal
  2. Ed Mills
  3. Anthony Manassa

This final weekend of regular season rugby has Briars up against old foe’s Sydney Harlequins. All grade teams currently sit in 4th or 5th spot with both Briars and Harlequins knowing that a win will give you a shot at a grand finale, lose and your season is over.

In a weekend that will no doubt be etched in folk law history and arguably the clash of the subbies calendars this year, the “Battle of Waterloo” is set up to be one hell of a day.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 15th August 2020

Briars Rugby VS. Newport


Briars colts went up against the best team of the season. Newport started quickly using the width of the field to run us from left to right then up the sides.

Going ahead in the game, the Briars started to find their feet and started to throw punches with strong ball curries up the guts. Newport never got away with the game as the Briars started to control possession and territory.

Briars crossed the line on 2 occasions only to be held up in a die hard effort to get points out of this game.

The Briars colts are still in with a shot going into the final two rounds of the season and will be true contenders under the perfect game.

27-0 to Newport


  1. Lachlan Koziollek
  2. Miles Parhash
  3. Max Buist

3rd Grade:

It was a tough outing for the 3’s, going up against a team that is bolstered by old first grade players

The Briars three’s, a mix of youth and experience played some of the greatest phases seen to date on St Luke’s, just not being able to turn those moments of brilliance into points.

While the score was close to even in the second half, it was a heartfelt performance and one that will have them realising that they are good enough to compete in this division.

Still in contention for a top 4 spot with two games in hand.

43-7 to Newport

  1. Brad Doust
  2. Will Wan
  3. Nielish Fernandes

2nd Grade:

Newport 2’s was more a reserve grade for one’s. Playing with flair and brilliance they did not do much wrong in the first half.

In the same breath the Briars 2s also did not do much wrong but, skill and speed was the winner all day and this is something that cannot be out smarted on the day.

Lessons learnt and pushing Newport into the corners slowed the bleed in the second half.

Briars 2’s must now win all games to stay alive in this pool of death.

43-0 to Newport

  1. Nick Kieth
  2. Joe Elias
  3. Ryota Kurihara

1st Grade:

The final game of the day had Briars taking on table topping Newport.

Blown away in the first 10min followed by 3 consecutive yellow cards did not help, however during this period with 12 men on the field the Briars 1ns held the line well through some gusty defence.

Further problems with early injuries made the day even harder for them as they kept on  fighting to lock in a 4 try bonus point against the top runner Newport in a day that just was not meant to be.

49-19 to Newport

  1. Jason Khoury
  2. Alex McCrystal
  3. Chase Rye

We now have 2 fixtures reaming of this shortened season with all grades in the hunt. 2’s and 3’s needing consecutive wins with 1ns and colt’s needing 1 big win out of the two. Its all to play for in the final two weeks.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 8th August 2020

Briars Rugby VS. Beecroft


It was a slow start for the Briars as Beecroft got up early taking advantage of the lackadaisical play from Briars.

In a game that not much can be said about with poor ground conditionals and two teams playing the individual and not the game it was Beecroft who would come away with the win.

On a positive note, the Briars colts remain in the hunt for a finals berth and with a little preparation and a clear mindset they will defiantly be a contender to lift the silverware in 6 weeks.

19-7 to Beecroft


  1. C. Court
  2. M. Parhash
  3. M. Paish

3rd Grade:

The 3’s picked up their game from the previous outing and firmed up to take on an experienced Beecroft team. Playing with 14 men for the entire game due to a lack of front rowers meant it was always going to be a tough ask, and that it was for the first half.

Preseason took control in the second half as the Briars lifted to another level winning the stander but losing the game. One has to ask what the scores would have been 15 on 15, I think this teams continues to give and will continue to be the sacrificial team for the club’s benefit.

31-5 to Beecroft

  1. T. Jordan
  2. A. Gardiner
  3. A. Manassa

2nd Grade:

Willing to sharpen up was the message last week and this week they did.

The game of the day and possibly for the season so for the 2s as both teams threw everything, they had at each other, no one willing to budge. Going into the half 0-0 it was always going to be trench warfare for the final 35min.

In was Beecroft we would strike twice off the back of our mistakes (was not many going around). Briars kept fighting to pull it within 5 but could not close out the win in a game that could have easly gone the other way.

We live we learn, onto Newport.

12-7 to Beecroft

  1. T. Gorman
  2. M. Ly
  3. S. Howcroft

1st Grade:

Similar to colts, the premiers battled to find a cohesive section of play, battling to string enough phases together.

Always having high standards of each other they still did the jersey justice on the day and to be losing games by a couple of points to a front runner in Div 3 because it just didn’t click on the day is a great sign for what is still to come from this talented outfit.

Definite contenders this year, it will take a strong cohesive performance of the coming weeks to lock a top 4 spot in.

18-5 to Beecroft

  1. J. Ashton-Maxwell
  2. C. Rye
  3. T. Le Sueur-Hindmarsh

We now have 3 fixtures reaming of this shortened season as the shootout for top 4 continues.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 1st August 2020

Briars Rugby VS. Old Ignatians


In the first of 2 top of the table clashes for the day, the Briars colts went up against a true rugby playing team. Iggie’s started quickly using the width of the field to run us from left to right then up the sides.

Going well ahead in the game, the Briars started to find their feet and started to throw punches with strong ball curries up the guts. Realising that we, perhaps where the fitter team , gaps started to open and the Briars started to claw back in an entertain final 20min of rugby.

Running in 2 tries to close it within 7 it was to little to late as the final whistle went, another 5min and who knows as we matched them on the try sheet but got outscored off the boot.

Going a bonus point loss against the top team is something the boys are proud of and will give them confidence going into round 4.

24-17 to Iggie’s


  1. Ned Churchyard
  2. Peter Kosmas
  3. Lachlan Koziollek

3rd Grade:

It was a tough outing for the 3’s, going up against a team that would walk into most clubs 2nd grade outfits.

Iggie’s hit the ground running and that’s all they did, quick hands to the left and right of the field running into the corners at any chance given.

One thing about the Briars, across the club is our attitude, it doesn’t matter what the score says we will fight until the whistle blows and that’s exactly what our three’s did. A game that if anything made us stronger and made us realise the true level of Div 3.

71-0 to Iggie’s

  1. Will Wan
  2. Matt Carew
  3. Miles Parhash

2nd Grade:

The Briars 2nd grade knew by Iggie’s first two rounds that they are a team of youth, skill and attacking brilliance…. They did not disappoint.

Briars started well, pressuring Iggie’s and forcing mistakes from them to go ahead. This, however opened up 40min of one-way traffic, playing away from our large forward back and having us at ones and twos out wide always making it a difficult task.

Still in it at half time and keeping the confidence that victories have come from greater deficits it was not to be. The Briars picked up the ante after some rather poor chat from Iggie’s at the bottom of a ruck. Physically we won in the collisions but in a game played out wide it was a tough outing.

Better for it and willing to sharpen up for this coming weekend, the Briars two’s are not done!

45-3 to Iggie’s

  1. Greg Chisholm
  2. Dan Shalala
  3. Michael Ly

1st Grade:

The final game of the day had Briars throwing the dice to salvage a victory out of a tough weekend away.

Table topping Iggie’s, at home, in front of a great crowed ( socially distancing) came out just like we expected them based on the previous three games, quick and wide.

In a brutal 40min of attacking rugby with the bounce of the ball favouring the home team it was Iggie’s who took a 15-0 lead at the break.

The second half was one for the ages. Briars rugby pushing to new heights. Ticking over the score bored it was soon 20-15 to the Briars. Both teams trading attacking blow to try close out the game in the last 5 minutes. What will become the longest final moments in subbies history it was Iggie’s who but together an 80m attack off the back of an unbelievable close out effort from the Briars.

Iggie’s running in a try off the final play to take the game but not the crowed in a game that saw the losing team win , not on the scoreboard but in the eyes of the Briars rugby faithful.

Looking at the faces of our players, our spectators and our members, we could see that this season was no longer one of trying to just compete but one of laying down a marker to show Div 3 that we have arrived. A game that every player can be proud of and if anything has motived us as a club to keep pushing and going into dark places until we get that victory.

22-20 to Iggie’s

  1. Luey Rawalai
  2. Jason Khoury
  3. Alex McCrystal

We now have 4 fixtures reaming of this shortened season as the shootout for top 4 continues.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 25th July

Briars Rugby VS. Blacktown Rugby Club


In yet another David Vs. Goliath battle our Briars colts got off to a quick start against a large Blacktown team.

The first was a full on attach of the Blacktown try line with our boys throwing everything at them and at speed. With some missed opportunity came opportunities as they crossed over the line slowly building onto a solid lead.

Just before half time the Briars 10 suffered a severe injury, thus the team needed to adjust the play around a new 10 and find a way back into the attacking style of the first 30min.

In an all-out solid display of clean running rugby the Briars colts picked up another full house of points with a much more consistent performance than the previous week. Acknowledgement must go too all the gents who stepped in out of position on the day.

34-07 to Briars


  1. Alex Shalala
  2. Neilish Fernandes
  3. Dan Terry

3rd Grade:

The Briars 3’s kicked the day off with some key players out from the previous week.
This however did not stop them from playing an expansive game and attacking anything and everything from the kick-off.
The quick start put them in front though some great individual runs.  Going into the half ahead for the second week in a row was a massive confidence booster.

The learnings from the previous week to not let this one slip echoed through the team as they continued to apply pressure from the break. Blacktown, a never say die team ran in some consolation points to close out the game in a clean contest.

29-20 to Briars

  • Luey Rawalai
  • CJ Court
  • Adam Boumelhem

2nd Grade:

The Briars 2nd grade, still reeling from last weeks loss had one thing in mind, victory at all costs.

It was a defensive effort from the outset for the Briars 2’s, stopping anything and everything from crossing the line for most of the 1st half. Forcing Blacktown into mistake and running in points from those mistakes.

It wasn’t until the Briars went down to 13 men that the teams true character come out for one another and still pushed back Blacktowns attacking efforts.

The second half had the 2s finish up an all-round great performance with a bonus point try in arguably the defensive spectacle for the ages.

25-0 to Briars

  1. Nick Kieth
  2. Mike Ly
  3. Mat Syron

1st Grade:

The final game of the day had the Briars team running out to face a strong Blacktowns 1st team.

Massive tackles and physicality were the order of the day in this game with each team trading blows on the St. Lukes ground. It was the Briars again who kept composure and surged ahead in the first half.

The second half had the Blacktown picking themselves up as they tried to claw back into the game. Briars throwing away some crucial possession on attacked gave them (a team who needs no second invite) a chance to close the gap and that they did.

A mature approach from the Briars leadership had them change the pace of the game and retain the ball going into the final moments of the game.

Another victory for the ones as they build momentum into the season.

18-07 to Briars

  • Jolie Tuvitu
  • Alex McCrystal
  • Jason Khoury

Our first home game of the year saw the Briars run in a full house of victories of a talented Blacktown team and earn a cold keg back the club post matches.
After losing to Blacktown across all grades by over 200 points 4 years ago to clean sweeping them is a proud moment in the rebuilding of this club.
This weekend we travel to Ryde to face the table topping in all grade Old Ignatians, in a weekend that will show the Briars how far we have really come.

Briars Rugby Report – Saturday, 18th July

Briars Rugby VS Hawksbury Agriculture


The Briars colts ran on against a massive HAC team to get their season underway. Being up in Division 3 they get to play alongside grade on the day, making it a much more inclusive division to be a part of.

The first half was clearly two teams feeling each other out and trying to run patterns in a very disjointed half. Both teams not making in roads due to a lack of rugby being played to date.

A incident before half time saw 3 red cards, this sparked our colts to lift a gear and run in some great tries in the second half to get the season going in a commendable effort.

29-14 to Briars


  1. Max Buist
  2. Neilish Fernandes
  3. George Kosmas

Red: L. Koziollek

3rd Grade:

The Briars 3’s was a complimentary mixture of youth and experience with some familiar names running on to get the game going.

A tight first half saw each team trading penalty blows, both teams looking for that killer blow during the game. Going into the half, both teams close to locked up in an even race.

Briars 3’s playing with 14 men during the entire game ( uncontested scrums leading us to drop a man) eventually started to feel the pressure with the HAC team coming out with fresh reserves to put some tries over the hard fighting Briars, however they did not just give up and ran in some late points to just fall short in a tough first up game of the season.

29-16 to HAC

  1. Tom Entwisle
  2. Luke Sinai
  3. Clay Viera

2nd Grade:

The Briars 2nd started well putting early pressure on HAC with neither team giving away much opportunity. It was the HAC however who pushed ahead through two long range penalties.

In a frustrating game the Briars 2’s spilt opportunities at crucial moments in the game that should have seen them run HAC off the park. However, it was not meant to be on the day with those 50/50 plays and rub of the green just not falling on the right side of the fence on this occasion. Some great new finds and players shone on the day in a rather uneventful fixture.

13-0 to HAC

  1. Dan Shalala
  2.  Mike Ly
  3. Mitch Warner

1st Grade:

The final game of the day had the Briars team running out to face a tiring HAC outfit. Once again it was a slow first half with both teams battling to shake off the rust from the long preseason and those 3rd phase plays just not sticking.

An inspired second half and stern words from Mick had the boys coming out firing, quickly running in 4 tries to seal a bonus point win for the day. Some great finishing by the backs and enterprising play in the forwards showing Div 3 that this team is not around by chance and are the business.

24-3 to Briars

  1. Hungyul Park
  2. Alex McCrystal
  3. Joe Tuvitu

It was a great start to Division 3 for Briars.  Turing up at Hawksbury with 60 players and coming home with 2 wins that could easily have been 4, I will take that. This club has gone from strength to strength in a season one could not predict.

This weekend we take on old Division 4 rivals Blacktown at our temporary home field “ St. Luke’s #3”

Briars Rugby & Covid-19 Diaries Update

After a gruelling 3 Months of off season / pre-season training the Briars were and are looking like a formidable squad going back into Division 3 this year.

With heaps of new faces across the board, young, older and of all skill levels the training kicked off, Mick Ellem putting us through our paces with old school blood, sweat and tears style training, loved by everyone.

Early March we decided to do a preseason tour and play at the Cowra 10’s tournament, a tournament that Briars has frequented for many years now. The squad comprised of a mixed bag of players for the weekend but one that ultimately gelled into an absolute steam train as the tournament went on.

Ending that tournament with wins over Division 2 clubs and runners up, we could not have asked for a better start to the season so far. The money won did not go to waste that evening either.

This set the tone as we moved into a 15s approach at training with an eye at retaining the Walker cup a couple of weeks later.

With Briars rugby being without a home ground for the 2020 season due to slow redevelopment of t Rothwell ground, the committee pulled out the big guns and had the game hosted at the 20,000-seater Concord oval.

The day was wet but the passion and excitement for the first hit out of the season was surmountable.

The Briars boys running away with victories in both the colts and grade games on that day with wet conditions holding us back from playing with the flare we wanted.

It was only one week after this that we had our last training session before the social distancing came into effect. Its been 6 weeks since we had the opportunity to get together as a club and get back at it.

The hard work already put in this year is not lost, with the hope still on the table for a shortened season we are and continue to motivate one another with anything possible come that kick off date.

The vibe within the club and amongst the players was and is at an ultimate high a group forged by friendship and willing to day anything for one another on and off the field of play.

On behalf of the Briars Rugby Club, we hope everyone remains safe and we are looking forward to seeing you down at one of our games later this year, in the mean time you can catch one of our classic games on the below link.
2006 Clark Cup Grand Final: Briars vs Hawksbury Valley

Date: 14 March 2020

Briars took on old rivals Northern Saints (formally St Ives Rugby Club) for the annual Walker Cup on Saturday 14th March. Both clubs steeped in history and with a mutual respect had a chance to show there hand early in the season with this trial match.

With Briars rugby club being without a home ground for the 2020 season due to slow redevelopment of there traditional Rothwell ground, the committee pulled out the big guns and had the game hosted at the 20,000-seater Concord oval.

The day was wet but the passion and excitement for the first hit out of the season was surmountable.

Briars Colts VS Northern Saints:

The Briars colts team started strong with plenty of attacking opportunities, the final execution was often hampered by the wet weather with silly 50/50 passes. With frustration kicking in the game was played off the back of who made the least mistakes, with the Briars eventually capitalising on there opponents’ mistakes and using the preseason conditioning to push themselves home and earn us one hand on the walker cup.

Score: 3 tries to 1

Briars Grade VS Northern Saints:

To end off the day the Briars grade team took the field against a confident Saints team. The Briars spent most of the first half attacking the Saints line but slipping up in final execution to put the points on the board.

It was a fortuitus bounce in the wet weather to close out the half that had the Saints leading at half time. With a full rotation of players, the Briars came out of the sheds with a hinger and stepped up the physicality on the pitch from the start of the second half.

Running in 3 unanswered tries the Briars had a second hand on the Walker cup and for the first time in its history they won it back to back.

Score: 3 tries to 1

The Briars playing group have been putting in a massive effort since November 2019 with the news that they will be playing in Division 3 this year. The Walker Cup was just the start to another hopeful season on and off the paddock. Credit must go to the Northern Saints who always give of there best and are a great club to host.

During these uncertain times the 2020 season start date has been pushed back unfortunately.

On behalf of the Briars Rugby Club we hope everyone stays safe during this time, we look forward to seeing you on the side line soon, when ever that maybe and where ever that may be.