Date: 14 March 2020

Briars took on old rivals Northern Saints (formally St Ives Rugby Club) for the annual Walker Cup on Saturday 14th March. Both clubs steeped in history and with a mutual respect had a chance to show there hand early in the season with this trial match.

With Briars rugby club being without a home ground for the 2020 season due to slow redevelopment of there traditional Rothwell ground, the committee pulled out the big guns and had the game hosted at the 20,000-seater Concord oval.

The day was wet but the passion and excitement for the first hit out of the season was surmountable.

Briars Colts VS Northern Saints:

The Briars colts team started strong with plenty of attacking opportunities, the final execution was often hampered by the wet weather with silly 50/50 passes. With frustration kicking in the game was played off the back of who made the least mistakes, with the Briars eventually capitalising on there opponents’ mistakes and using the preseason conditioning to push themselves home and earn us one hand on the walker cup.

Score: 3 tries to 1

Briars Grade VS Northern Saints:

To end off the day the Briars grade team took the field against a confident Saints team. The Briars spent most of the first half attacking the Saints line but slipping up in final execution to put the points on the board.

It was a fortuitus bounce in the wet weather to close out the half that had the Saints leading at half time. With a full rotation of players, the Briars came out of the sheds with a hinger and stepped up the physicality on the pitch from the start of the second half.

Running in 3 unanswered tries the Briars had a second hand on the Walker cup and for the first time in its history they won it back to back.

Score: 3 tries to 1

The Briars playing group have been putting in a massive effort since November 2019 with the news that they will be playing in Division 3 this year. The Walker Cup was just the start to another hopeful season on and off the paddock. Credit must go to the Northern Saints who always give of there best and are a great club to host.

During these uncertain times the 2020 season start date has been pushed back unfortunately.

On behalf of the Briars Rugby Club we hope everyone stays safe during this time, we look forward to seeing you on the side line soon, when ever that maybe and where ever that may be.