Congrats to Briars JNR Cricket for Winning 7 Premierships!

Our Briars Juniors have also had another incredible season. With a total of 408 players across our Junior Blasters, 34 Boys Teams and 6 Girls Teams, our players have persevered through COVID, the wettest summer in 30 years, finals being washed out and yet persisted and played with true Briars spirit and heart!

Our teams were supported by 83 volunteer coaches and managers who dedicate their time to inspire our players to love their cricket and we thank you all and all of the parents as well for their support.

Briars Junior Cricket have once again performed extremely well with a total of 16 teams reaching the Semi finals, 9 making the Grand finals and finishing with a record 7 Premierships
Congratulations to all of our Concord Briars Junior Cricket players on a fantastic season and we look forward to seeing you back again next season.