Briars Junior Cricket Sponsorship – 2020/21

At Briars Junior Cricket Club, we aim to provide a fun sporting environment for our 600 young cricketers – both boys and girls – to play Australia’s biggest summer sport and develop lifelong friendships along the way. Teaming with corporate sponsors and local businesses helps us to achieve this goal. We believe strong community links are crucial to the success of the club and our sponsorship relationships are designed to be mutually beneficial. By linking with Briars Junior Cricket Club, we are able to connect you and your business with our community and networks to create exposure and engagement.

Sponsorship is a huge part of the sports success at Briars, as it provides much needed funds to run the sports at the lowest cost possible, whilst providing a great platform for local businesses to advertise their brand and promote their name/service in the local community. We currently have over 40 local businesses sponsoring our different sports at Briars. Our intention is that this will continue to grow as the club provides an excellent platform for local businesses to not only promote their own brand but to also align with Briars Sports, a respected community-focused club.

For the 2020-21 season, Briars Junior Cricket Club are planning to add to our network of sponsors. We hope you can see the benefits in linking with a well-regarded sporting club in Sydney’s Inner West, helping local kids play the game they love while also exposing your business to the families in the local community.

For all enquiries regarding sponsorship please call Will Knight on 0405988081 or email at

Yours sincerely,
Keiron Devlin

President, Briars Junior Cricket Club