The Briars Centenary March

Last Sunday saw the owners of 7 Appian Way throw open their doors and allows some diehard Briars the opportunity to experience the birth of Briars. Helena Britt has lived at the home of our famous ‘Chook Pen’ since 1939, when it was purchased from Bob Clarks family.

The house is exactly the same as it was in 1939, except for the addition of a rear balcony. The yard is almost exactly the same as what Bob Clark and the boys would have enjoyed in the early backyard cricket games.

The old Chook Pen fell into disrepair and was removed some years ago however, the stony foundations can still be seen. It was with a eerie sense of pride that we enjoyed imagining and reliving what those 11 boys experiences back in 1918.

Burwood Mayor John Faker unveiled a plaque on the footpath outside the home to commemorate Briars 100 year anniversary.

Once morning tea was over, the Burwood Police escorted the Briars Brigade down Shaftesbury Rd where we were met by the Club Burwood Band. Seeming like celebrities, traffic was halted, crowds gathered to wave, cheer and film the march as the Band led us, via our George street Clubrooms, into Burwood Park.

The names of the 16 Briars who died defending our country in World War 2 were read to the crowd whilst Club Patron Chris Walker laid a wreath on the Arches.

Formalities over, it was back to 30a George Street for a few beers, some stair diving and lots of shared stories from The Good Old Days at Briars.

Many thanks to Councilor Heather Crichton, Burwood Council and Burwood Police for making this great Briars Celebration possible.

To view all the photos taken on the day, Click Here.