2023-Briars Sports Awards

2023 Briars Sports Award Winners

Congratulations to all our volunteers and sports achievers who were presented with awards at the AGM which was held on Sunday, 25th February 2024.

  • Scarlett Thuell winner of The JH Stone Trophy
  • Brett Howle winner of The Ted Stockdale Trophy
  • Michael Taberner winner of The Cricket Memorial Trophy
  • Joseph Kalachian winner of The Gerard Price Junior Cricket Trophy
  • Kitri Irving winner of The Matina Moffitt Junior Cricket Trophy
  • Chris Thuell winner of The A J Robinson Shield
  • Felix Fung winner of The R D Vanderfield Trophy
  • Tadhg Aldridge winner of the Geoff Archibald Trophy
  • David Lannan winner of the Gordon Bevan Shield
  • Kye Games winner of the The Mal Blair & Bill McLaughlin Junior Rugby Trophy
  • Gabby Buchhorn winner of the Briars Women’s Rugby Trophy
  • Ben Williams winner of The Doug Vanderfield Trophy
  • Emilia Scott winner of the Anne Gleason Junior Trophy
  • Rosie Ryan winner of the Anne Burt Trophy
  • Anna Chan winner of the Bindi March Ali Trophy
  • Lorraine McAuliffe winner of The Brian Huttly Trophy
  • Myron Kubyk winner of the Phil McAulay Trophy
  • Ned Arnold, Thomas Scott, Oscar Smith, Jacinta Tui & Alana Winstanley winners of the R B Clark Scholarship

To see all the photos taken at the awards presentation;