2023 – Briars Hockey News

Briars Hockey News

A massive congratulations to our very own Matthew Dawson on his selection into the 2024 Kookaburras Squad!

Head Coach, Colin Batch has named a strong and experienced 27-player Kookaburras squad for 2024, in what will be a stellar year for the sport, starting with season five of the FIH Pro League followed by the much-anticipated Paris Olympic Games.

Batch has stuck with much of the squad named in 2023, following impressive performances by the team, highlighted by their Oceania Cup win against New Zealand in August, which directly qualified the team for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The Kookaburras will kick off the 2024 year with season five of the FIH Pro League to be played from Sunday 11th February – Sunday 25th February, with matches against Spain, the Netherlands, India and FIH Pro League newcomers, Ireland, all to be played in India. They will then head to Belgium and England for their next season five series against Belgium, Argentina, Great Britain and Germany from Wednesday 29th May – Wednesday 12th June. All matches will be streamed live and FREE on 7Plus.

The Kookaburras will then look to go one better in Paris after claiming the silver medal at the last summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The team has won one gold, four silver and five bronze medals since Australia’s first men’s team competed at the Olympics in 1956.

Congratulations to Wilba on his elevation into the NSW State Team for the Open Men’s Indoor National Championship!
Will now joins the state team, which has not lost a championship in 13 years, in their quest to claim the national title for a record 14th time!

03/07/23 – Hockey Report

Briars Junior Hockey

Last weekend saw some of our young Briars rising stars represent SEHA in the Under 11’s York Cup tournament in Tamworth. Congratulations to the girls team who won the Kim Small Shield in Division B!
For some of these young guns it was their first ever experience of representative hockey and the weekend provided plenty of learning, fun, action, new friends, and excitement for all. These young Briars didn’t disappoint on or off the field and we are all extremely proud of them for their achievements over the past few days.
It is truly amazing seeing how far some of these young Briar’s have come and knowing that the future looks Bright for Briars with these little champions now joining a long list of other Briars making their mark in representative hockey.
Well done to all and that includes all the parents who gave up their time to give their young Briar these sorts of opportunities. It really is worth it so let’s keep it going because we want more young briars giving it a crack just like these champions. Thanks to Gary Bieser for the great photos he took of our junior players in action.
It’s great to be a Briar ! ………………….

Briars Men’s Hockey

Briars Premier League Hockey Results
  • PL1: Briars 2 vs Moorebank-Liverpool 5
  • PL2: Briars 3 vs Moorebank-Liverpool 2
  • PL3: Briars 2 vs Moorebank-Liverpool 3
Briars Mens 2nd Grade vs Moorebank –  Won 3-1

In what proved to be an intense and thrilling field hockey match, Briars faced off against Moorebank in a highly anticipated encounter at Cintra. Both teams entered the contest with a considerable number of players missing from their lineups due to injuries and representative commitments. Despite the absences, Briars managed to secure a 3-1 victory, with Lee Brady contributing two goals and Tim Fishlips adding one to their team’s tally.
Right from the start, it was evident that both teams were determined to make their mark on the game. The match began with a flurry of attacking plays as both sides probed each other’s defenses for any weaknesses. The spectators were treated to a fast-paced and skillful display of hockey as the teams fought for control of the midfield.
Briars were the first to break the deadlock, thanks to the clinical finishing of Lee Brady. Brady showcased his striking prowess as he expertly guided the ball into the back of the net, leaving the Moorebank goalkeeper with no chance. The early goal injected confidence into the Briars’ players and spurred them on to further assert their dominance on the field.
Despite the setback, Moorebank refused to back down and mounted a spirited comeback attempt. Their midfielders orchestrated a series of quick and incisive attacks, testing the Briars’ defensive line. However, the Briars’ defense held firm, thwarting every attempt to equalize and providing a solid platform for their team to launch counterattacks.
Briars capitalized on one such counterattack, with Tim Fishlips showcasing his attacking prowess. Displaying great composure in front of the goal, Fishlips finished off an opportune strike when the the Moorebank goalkeeper kept the ball in play. The goal doubled Briars’ lead and further tilted the momentum in their favor.
As the game progressed, both teams continued to battle fiercely for supremacy. Moorebank pushed forward relentlessly, desperately seeking a lifeline to get back into the match. Their efforts were finally rewarded when they managed to breach the Briars’ defense and find the back of the net, reducing the deficit to 2-1.
With the match hanging in the balance, Briars responded with renewed determination. Their attacking line pressed forward with intensity, applying relentless pressure on the Moorebank defense. The breakthrough eventually came courtesy of Lee Brady, who once again showcased his goal-scoring prowess. With a well-placed shot, Brady completed his brace and extended Briars’ lead to 3-1, leaving Moorebank with a mountain to climb in the remaining minutes of the match.
In the dying moments of the game, Moorebank threw everything they had into attack, desperate to salvage a result. However, the Briars’ defense held firm, repelling wave after wave of Moorebank’s assaults. When the final whistle blew, it was Briars who emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought 3-1 win.
Despite the depleted squads, both teams showcased their determination and resilience on the field. Briars’ Lee Brady proved to be the standout player of the match, displaying exceptional goal-scoring abilities with two crucial strikes. Tim Fishlips also played a vital role, contributing a well-taken goal to help his team secure the victory.
The match provided an enthralling display of field hockey, with both teams exhibiting their skills and fighting spirit. Briars emerged as deserving winners on the day, displaying great teamwork and capitalizing on their goal-scoring opportunities. The victory will undoubtedly serve as a morale boost for Briars, while Moorebank will look to regroup and bounce back in their upcoming fixtures.

Briars Women’s Hockey

Briars 1st Grade vs Moorbank – Lost 2-1
Briars 2nd Grade vs Moorebank – Lost 8-1
Briars 3rd Grade vs Moorebank – Won 2-1

Our 3rd grade ladies played another amazing game today! Working hard for each other scoring in the first 1 minute of the game to beat Moorebank 2-1. Players player could have gone to every lady on the pitch today, but was Nicola Skinner runners up Julie Prolov and Dakota Thuell. Goal scorers Rhian Macca and Briony Croft. Thanks again to the ladies that filled in, love this club and how we all help each other out to achieve our goal of goals.

Briars 4th Grade vs Wenty – Won 1-0

So damn proud of our 4th grade women coming away with a 1-0 win over Wenty today. Thanks to Kylie, Pam and Ella for subbing up to give us a bench. It was a fun and positive game with so many highlights but the stand out moments of today was our superstar goalie Sheena for making an epic diving stick save on a stroke.
Today’s players player was Sheena followed by Dakota and Harriet

20/06/23 – Hockey Report

Briars 2nd Grade vs Sutherland

In a thrilling field hockey encounter, Briars Second Grade faced off against Sutherland in a match that ended in a 1-1 draw. The game was filled with intense action, dramatic moments, and a display of exceptional skill from both sides.

Briars started the match with great energy, putting early pressure on the Sutherland defense. The team’s determination paid off when Pete Barber found the back of the net with a well-executed strike, giving Briars an early lead. However, the joy was short-lived as Pete suffered an unfortunate injury shortly after scoring and had to be taken off the field in a wheelchair. The incident cast a somber mood over the game, and the players from both teams showed tremendous sportsmanship, wishing Pete a speedy recovery.
Despite the setback, Briars continued to fight valiantly, displaying excellent teamwork and individual skills. Sutherland, undeterred by the early goal, regrouped and launched a series of attacks in search of an equalizer. Their efforts were rewarded when they managed to breach the Briars defense, managing to find a way of getting the ball past the goalkeeper at the top of their game to level the score at 1-1. The goal injected renewed energy into the match, setting the stage for an enthralling battle until the final whistle.

Andrew Borg emerged as a standout performer for Briars, showcasing exceptional skills, tactical awareness, and unwavering commitment. His intelligent runs, precise passes, and defensive contributions were instrumental in keeping Briars in the game. Andrew’s outstanding performance earned him the well-deserved title of “Player of the Match,” drawing praise from both teammates and opponents.
However, the intensity of the match was briefly disrupted when it was discovered that the bar had been closed before halftime for second grade. This unexpected turn of events left players and spectators alike longing for refreshments, but it failed to dampen the competitive spirit displayed on the field.
As the second half progressed, both teams continued to create scoring opportunities, showcasing their determination to secure a victory. However, solid defensive performances and exceptional goalkeeping on both ends prevented any further goals from being scored. The match eventually concluded with a 1-1 draw, reflecting the closely contested nature of the game.
Although the final score may not have been in favor of either team, the match will be remembered for the spirited display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Both Briars and Sutherland exhibited their love for the game, treating the spectators to an exciting encounter.
As the players left the field, they carried the hopes of their injured teammate, Pete Barber, in their hearts. The incident served as a reminder of the importance of camaraderie and support within the sporting community.

Briars Women’s 3rd Grade vs Mosman Harbourside

Our wonderful women’s 3rd grade team had a tough game last night, defeated 3-0 by Mosman Harbourside. Many of the team had already played a game for 2nd grade earlier in the day, and with limited subs, last night took a big effort. We had lots of goal opportunities in the first half, so plenty of solid play to build on to ensure we capitalise on those chances. Watch this space to see them in the top 4 soon!
Best and fairest points went to:

Well done ladies, we’ll have them next game!

Men’s Premier League results
  • PL1 – Briars 0 vs Sutherland 9
  • PL2 – Briars 1 vs Sutherland 1
  • PL3 – Briars 3 vs Sutherland 2
U11 Briars Maroons vs Ryde

Having 3 players unavailable did not slow down the u11 Maroons who put in a 3-0 win over Ryde. It was a day of firsts with Zane F making his u11 debut and Ava C scoring her first career goal. But todays player of the week goes to our fullback Zachary C for his strength in meeting the opposition attack runs and putting an end to that nonsense.

Hockey Report – 04/04/2023

Briars 2 vs UTS – 0-0

The cup squad devastated by injuries and absenteeism took to Olympic Park for a game against UTS. Ably the holes in the lineup were filled in by alternates but a bare 11 took the field… Eventually… With the Easter show still in full swing parking was at a premium. Thankfully with Jimmy on post game drinks we knew the beers would be premium too..

Within the first 5 minutes of the first quarter the mighty Briars had a missed breakaway goal, a saved short corner and an open striker in front of goal not score. Turns out it was going to be one of those nights.

Late in the first half Briars dominated play from the right with no results on the scoreboard, but this left the team full of confidence going into the only break of the game.

Early in the second half a string of short corner misses actually ended up with the injector getting hit by the ball in the knee. Try and use your stick next time Nige. The disruption to the midfield from this one injury was notable and it took time to restore the systems and dominance we had earlier on.

In what would have been the 4th quarter more shots, both on and near the goal didn’t go in. Open strikers receiving passes, shots on the run and short corners all with the same result.

Finally with the clock running out we gave UTS their only short corner of the game. Knowing that there was not going to be anything fancy like a pass the first two runners went shoulder to shoulder and deflected the ball out.

A glorious** nil nil result…
Players player: unknown
Goal scorers: nil
Goal misses:
Shaz, short corner battery, Damage, Shaz, short corner battery, short corner battery, Nige, short corner battery, Napper, many others.

Hockey Season Launch – 19/03/2023

A big thank you to everyone who came out to the Season Launch on Sunday at The Briars Mother Club! After some great celebrations, we look forward to what will be a great season ahead!

See some photos from the day below.

BRIARS Feb 2023 Newsletter.

In This Issue:

  • Registration NOW OPEN – All players please Register
  • Season Launch
  • Gym Deal for all Briars at Combined Air
  • Training Times for 2023
  • Minkey u7s and U9s information
  • Trial Matches for Men’s and Women’s
  • SEHA Women’s Masters trials on 18th March
  • 2023 Calendar of Events – Important dates


Registration is now open – register before 31st March and pay your full fees to receive a discount rate.


The Briars Hockey Season Launch will be on Sunday 19th March at the Briars club, Cnr Ian Pde & Wellbank Street , Concord and is open to all Briars Hockey Players.

Come and catch up with your team mates as we open the season for 2023 with the club captain announcements and showcase the new Briars uniform.

We hope to see everyone there.


It has been fantastic seeing so may Briars turning up to the Gym sessions at combined air Concord. We have 1 last session this Saturday at 9.15am, let’s make it a full session, book in now. https://fitnesslocalmortlake.as.me/?appointmentType=19340543

The amazing team at Combined Air Concord have offered Briars the below amazing deals so we can all continue our strength program throughout the year. I defiantly recommend you jump on to the deals below.

Squad (Group) Training
$100 off 10 packs (Normally $350)
PromoCode: BRIARS2023
We offer 5 Sessions a day, players will book via our Combine Air Training App
5:00am, 6:05am, 7:10am, 9:30am, 5:00pm & 6:15pm

$100 off 10 pack (Normally $350)
PromoCode: BRIARS2023
We offer Infra-Red Sauna, Ice Baths, Normatec Leg Compression & Salt Room Therapy

I would like to thanks the team at combined Air Concord for the great pre-season sessions they have put on for Briars.


We have one more Monday night fitness and skills sessions on the 6th March.

From the 13th March we will have skills training from 7.30pm, compulsory for Mens and womens 1st and 2nd grade and 15s and 17s players welcome.


Reminder of Team Training times.

MINKEY U7s & U9s


Term 1 – Wed 15th March – Wed 5th April 5pm – 5:45pm (4 weeks)

Term 2 – Wed 26th April – Wed 28th June 5pm – 5:45pm (10 weeks)

Term 3 – Wed 19th July – Wed 9th August 5pm 5:45pm (4 weeks)

NO Training School holidays – 12th & 19th April

NO Training school holidays – 5th & 12th July


Matches will be held on Saturday mornings between 7:45am and 9am at either Cintra or Ryde hockey fields. There will be 2 x Gala days during the season and on one of these days our teams will travel to Pennant Hills Hockey Field.

Both U7s and U9s will play 14 matches (including 2 gala days) commencing on Saturday 29th April, continuing weekly in school term, with the last matches on Saturday 12th August.


Please note that the age groups that we play in (U7s and U9s) do not align to the Hockey Australia registration age groups. When you click the link below to register your child/ren for the 2023 season you will be asked to input your Childs date of birth. The system will automatically provide you with the registration options based on your Childs age as at 31st Dec 2023.

If you child will be aged 6, 7 or 8 at 31st Dec 2023 they are deemed an U8 registration
If you child will be aged 9, 10 or 11 at 31st Dec 2023 they are deemed an U11 registration
Registration link – https://www.revolutionise.com.au/briarshockey/registration/

U9’s Players – Interested in playing U11s

If your child is aged 8 and 2023 will be their second season of U9’s they may be interested in trying U11s this year. If your child is interested and you would like to know more about the options available please either reply via this email or give me a call and I will provide more information.


The Minkey competition is very relaxed regarding uniforms, if you are a returning minkey player and have the free uniform provided to your previously, the new Briars club uniform, or a combination of old and new, players are welcome to wear it.

NEW Minkey players will be provided a free playing shirt, shorts/skort and playing socks closer to the season commencing.




Sydney East Hockey Association is calling for nominations from players interested in playing in our women’s masters teams. Players must be 34 or over in 2023 to participate in masters hockey. There are two aspects to the program

Trials will be held on the 18th March from 9am to 11am at Cintra

Four teams participate in the Sydney Olympic Park-based Sydney Womens Hockey League (SWHL) Masters competition. This occurs on

    • Division 1 & 2: Wednesday nights (fortnightly) starting in early April
    • Division 3 & 4: Monday nights (weekly) starting in early May

Finals for all divisions are in late August through to mid-September.

SEHA teams also participate in the Hockey NSW Womens Masters State Championships held over 3-4 days on the last weekend in July each year. The Championships are held in a different location each year.

In 2023 the Masters Women Half state Championships will occur in Taree from 28-30 July 2023.

Players are not required to participate in both aspects of the program, but those who do are given first priority.

If you are interested in playing womens masters in either SWHL or State Championships, or both in 2023 nominate on the below link, which includes paying the $50 deposit (plus $2.65 in transaction fees).

Nominate here

Further information about Womens Masters can be found here.

Any questions should be directed to mastersreps@seha,com.au


Many thanks

Briars Committee

BRIARS 2023 January INFO Newsletter.

In This Issue:

  • Working Bee at Cintra
  • Registration and Open Day
  • Season Launch save the date  
  • Pre-season Fitness and gym bookings essential
  • Training Times for 2023
  • Trial Matches for Men’s and Women’s
  • 2023 Calendar of Events – Important dates
  • Trial Match Dates – Men’s and Women’s
  • Coaches for 2023
  • 2023 Calendar of Events – Important dates
  • Masters Pre-Season


Many hands make light work so please come down to Cintra on Sunday 5th Feb at 11am to help get our pitch and clubhouse ready for the season. There will be a BBQ and drinks at 1.30 after the working Bee to admire our sparkling clean club house and pitch.


We will be holding an open and rego day on Sunday 12th Feb at Cintra starting at 10am. If you know anyone who is interested in playing hockey or trying hockey for the first time please bring them along for some fun skill based activities and a chat. Open to Juniors, Seniors and Masters.

Registration will also be open on Sunday 12th Feb, so all returning and prospective members are welcome to come along to Cintra and get all the registration info and to check out our new uniforms.


The Briars Hockey Season Launch will be on Sunday 19th March at the Briars club, Cnr Ian Pde & Wellbank Street , Concord. Save the date in your Diary, more details to come.


We have had a great turn outs for the Saturday gym sessions with each being fully booked out. Don’t miss out Book now for upcoming sessions.

Combine Air Concord – 48/62 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137.

For Bookings please click here: https://fitnesslocalmortlake.as.me/?appointmentType=19340543

New Training Times



COACHES for 2023


The Masters pre-season competition starts on the 30th January. All players are required to be registered (with Sydney Masters) before playing. For the Pre-Season all masters teams will be playing in the old Briars uniform


If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, manager, committee member or any other assistance for the 2023 season, please email secretary@briarshockey.com.au or talk to any of our amazing committee members. We are looking for more of our Briars community to help out wherever they can.

Thank You

The BRIARS Hockey Committee


Happy New Year to all our Briars players.

We are looking forward to a great 2023 hockey season starting with our Pre-Season fitness.

Pre-Season – Monday night skills and fitness

We expect to see all players trying out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade plus 15s and 17s at Monday night fitness and skills starting on 16th January 7pm at Cintra. Fitness and skills is open to all players of all grades so please come along.

Pre-Season fitness – Gym bookings essential

We also have our pre-season gym sessions again this year. This will help players strengthen ready for the season. The sessions start Saturday 14th January 2023 with all Briars players welcome, but once again we would like to see players who would are aiming to play 1st to 3rd grade attending these sessions.

Please make sure you book in your spot as spots are limited

The 2023 Gym sessions will be at Combine Air Concord – 48/62 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137.

For Bookings please click here