Briars Squash News – 24/07/2022

Briars @ Thornleigh Junior Open Results

We’ve had a fantastic weekend at the Thornleigh squash centre hosting the Junior Open Tournament.

There was an amazing turn out with 7 divisions and over 45 Juniors participating, some that have been playing with us for years and some new fresh faces competing for the first time. As always everyone played their hearts out and we had some fantastic matches and an even better atmosphere for everyone that was attending. A very big thanks to our sponsors for this event, Briars Sports, Karakal  & Gripstarsocks for their contribution to this event. We were able to award some awesome prizes to all the winners from socks and grips to Racquets and even cash prizes, this was one of our best one day tournaments yet.

Congratulations to all the winners and players in this tournament, we can’t wait to see you up here again for the next one.

Open Division

Winner: James Slade
Runner Up: Will Slade
3rd place: Marcus Wang

Division 1

Winner: Ayan Muhammad
Runner Up: Stanley Chung
3rd Place: Tom Sinodinos (Briars)
4th Place: Oliver Dickens

Division 2

Winner: Brendan Boomla (Briars)
Runner Up: Pratham Malik (Briars)
3rd Place: Andy Wong (Briars)
Plate: Chase Rogers

Division 3

Winner: Darvan Thavendran (Briars)
Runner Up: Kate Low-Nang
3rd Place: Jack Ryan (Briars)
Plate: Darvin Thavendran (Briars)

Division 4

Winner: Paris Major
Runner Up: Kingston Lai
3rd Place: Benjamin Boardman
Plate: Poppy Sinodinos (Briars)

Division 5

Winner: Naveen Sanghera
Runner Up: Rushil Singh (Briars)
3rd Place: Logan Effendi
Plate: Aliyyah Rahmani

Division 6

Winner: Annette Chow
Runner Up: Niah Low-Nang
3rd Place: Kayde Fudge
Plate: Phoenix Fudge

Briars Squash News – 03/02/2022

The 2022 Briars Open, the first tournament of the year, had a fantastic turnout given the current environment, with 82 people attending the annual event.  Three junior divisions with 28 juniors participating.

A big thank you to Cheeky monkey squash for live streaming the event, which has been posted on the Thornleigh Squash Facebook page for those who want to see all the action from the past weekend.

An even bigger thankyou to the Sponsors for the event: Briars Sports, Gage Roads, Techni fibre, Karakal, Salming, HEAD & ALTO Group Pennant Hills.

The interest for the event gave us a good indication that the club is returning to the positive position we were in before the second COVID Lockdown in 2021.

Briars Senior Squash

The 2022 Junior Briars Open competition had 7 Senior divisions with 54 participants.

Open Division

  1. Bradley Fullick
  2. Doug Odewahn-Oxley
  3. Mick Fullick

Division 1

  1. Williams Slade
  2. Fahad Siddiqui
  3. Michael Flannagan

Division 2

  1. Kasper Cheung
  2. Andrew Davis
  3. Jennifer Wellby

Division 3

  1. Kevin Willathgamuwa
  2. Ben Williams
  3. Mark Wilkinson

Division 4

  1. Emmy Lamb
  2. Brooke Pryor
  3. Kieran Willathgamuwa

Division 5

  1. Thomas Wang
  2. Tom Sinodinos
  3. Anna McRae

Division 6

  1. Shanuka Samaranayak
  2. Tomer Itah
  3. Janelle Sinclair

Briars Junior Squash

The 2022 Junior Briars Open competition had three junior divisions with 28 juniors participating.

Junior Division 1

  1. Emmy Lamb
  2. Tom Sinodinos
  3. Thomas Wang

Junior Division 2

  1. Josh Markham
  2. Fatimah Khan
  3. Andy Wong

Junior Division 3

  1. Benjamin Boardman
  2. Jeremey Boardman
  3. Logan Effendi