2020 AGM – Briars Sports Award Winners
Sunday, 23rd February

Congratulations to all the winners of Briars Sports Awards presented at the AGM on Sunday 23rd February 2020.

  • Andrew Hogg – winner of the J H Stone Trophy
  • Louise Sidgreaves winner of The Ted Stockdale Trophy
  • Lloyd Andrews winner of The Cricket Memorial Trophy
  • James Threlkeld winner of The Gerard Price Junior Cricket Trophy
  • Kylie Norris winner of The A J Robinson Shield
  • Bailey Scanlon winner of The R D Vanderfield Trophy
  • Zac Giuffre winner of the Anne Gleason Junior Trophy
  • Peter Kosmas winner of the Geoff Archibald Trophy
  • Stacey Howcroft winner of the Gordon Bevan Shield
  • Kian White winner of the Mal Blair & Bill McLaughlin
  • Peter Sinodinos winner of The Doug Vanderfield Trophy
  • Kate Campbell winner of the Anne Burt Trophy
  • Gwen Bonett winner of The Brian Huttly Trophy
  • Paul Koziollek winner of the Phil McAulay Trophy

Recipients of the R.B Clark Scholorship;

  • Keiran Brook – Briars Hockey
  • Brandon Potts – Briars Hockey
  • Mia Singh – Briars Netball

To see all the photos taken at the Briars Sports AGM;

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