Presetation of Trophies

We would like to congratulate all the sporting members who were awarded trophies at the AGM held on Sunday, 26th February 2017.

JH Stone TrophyNot awarded this year
Ted Stockdale TrophyAnthony Rex Thomas,  Briars Squash
Cricket Memorial TrophyBrett Howle, Briars Cricket
Gerard Price TrophyAshton Whitting, Briars Jnr. Cricket
A J Robinson TrophyEmma Ratcliffe, Briars Hockey
Geoff Archibald TrophyLuke Schofield, Briars Rugby
Gordon Bevan TrophyGreg Black, Briars Rugby
R D Vanderfield TrophySofia Ferrer, Briars Junior Hockey
Doug Vanderfield TrophyKieran Ryan, Briars Squash
Anne Gleason TrophyDan Godwin, Briars Squash
Anne Burt TrophyGeorgie Arrow, Briars Netball
Brian Huttly TrophyDeanne Cooper, Ladies Bowls
Phil McAulay TrophyEddie Truesdale, Men’s Bowls
RB Clark ScholorshipNot awarded this year

For a detailed description of the awards Read More.